Translation and copy editing are both skills that require artistic ability and craftsmanship. No matter how beautifully written a text is, or how meticulously accurate a translation may be, if it contains even minor errors in spelling, grammar or punctuation, these will seriously detract from the overall impression. A carefully written and proof-read text, on the other hand, allows the reader to concentrate on what is being said.

We give your text a new lease on life by working through it to replace any inaccuracies, awkward or dated stylistic terms, or redundant phrases. This is our craft – taking what may be a factually accurate yet unexciting text, and turning it into something that engages the reader and creates strong brand awareness.

Whether it’s an English version of your website, company brochures, mission statements or sales material, let us turn them into something that really sells your brand, that’s what we do best.